Why You Need a Recognition Expert, not just an Awards Vendor.

Why do you need an Employee Recognition Expert? Recognition used to be easy; order some inexpensive lapel pins and hand them out at the Christmas party. That worked great for honoring length of service. Pick up a few plaques for your top achievers and toss out a few bonuses and you pretty much had a winner. Today, it’s far more complex.

First, for the first time in history, we’re dealing with four distinct generations in the workplace at the same time. What works for your Traditionalist and Boomers, is seen as boring or even insulting by your Gen X and Gen Y folks. Add to that the fact that everybody has the technology to claim to be a “one stop shop” and you have a confusing bunch of options to choose from. Finally, add in the fact that surveys and focus groups overwhelmingly show that “cash is king” and you have the recipe for confusion and least, and a lot of wasted time and money at best.

Enter the Employee Recognition Expert. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a truly consultive partner that understood your business from both the company and the employee side? How about if he had a team of the best providers available in all areas of recognition, incentives and customer awards? Better yet, if he could train your managers to not only understand recognition as a strategic tool, but could actually get them excited to enthusiastically implement and stick with programs that really worked . . . that would be really cool!

Well, that just what we did in creating Schaefer Recognition Group. I personally have spend over 21 years working in the recognition industry, the last eight building my Umbrella Recognition Solution. This timely tool helps my clients wrap their arms around all of the ways the communicate with their people, so they can minimize costs, gain maximum results and have the reporting tools to prove it to the CFO. Best of all, it’s all kicked off with a simple, fun and highly engaging 25 minute training program to quickly get your managers educated, excited and ready to be more genuine and believable to their staffs.

So how can this help you deal with the big problem of low employee morale? We understand what makes your people tick and can easily get your whole management team to understand the morale dilemma, too. Then, It’s just a matter of making some small changes in communication style, so employees believe your really mean it when you recognize them. Often, they see your best intentions as just manipulation. This yields minimal results and a hidden resentment as well. Once them begin to see that you’re different; you care about them as human beings, everything changes.

When you engage people’s emotion needs for Love and Respect, they instinctively begin to become more alive, creative, cooperative, happy, productive and effective. And it’s both addicting and contagious . . . you begin to see a wave of improved morale and all of the benefits you hope for, and for no more money than you are paying now . . . actually less!

Call (888)646-6670 to find out how John Schaefer – America’s Employee Recognition Expert can help you get to the bottom of the root cause of low employee morale and show you some simple ways to spend less money, get better results and prove it to your CFO!